In the HealthCare industry, no software user should have to hesitate before asking for support. The potential losses from user error are too great and the user should not have to worry about the issue. Software or hardware there is no such thing as a silly question and assistance should be one phone call away. As you depend on your software to run your operations you rely on those systems to perform as expected. You need instant access to a support staff to isolate the problem between the hardware and the software. Whatever the support process may be, when a problem occurs, user anxiety quickly builds up and a rapid access to a support person is important, regardless of the problem. Your commitment to success can be determined by making sure support services are just a phone call away.


MCM has always offered training to the medical professionals who need to learn how to use Medisoft software. Our training team is excited to help our clients understand the software that they purchased because we know how rewarding it is to work with Medisoft when it is used to its fullest potential.

We offer training in a variety of options to allow many opportunities for our clients to take advantage of our talented software training specialists.

Onsite Training – We will come to your office!

MCM Training Center – You can come to our office!

Online Training – Neither of us have to go anywhere!

Billing Services

Our staff understands your medical billing needs and has the experience to get the job done right. There is no need to pay for lost employee time due to sick days, personal days and vacation time. Utilizing MCM Service also eliminates the extra expense you pay for payroll taxes, software upgrades, new computer systems and training. By out sourcing your billing it allows both physician and staff to devote more time to patient care, safe in the knowledge that the billing is being taken care of.

MCM provides both weekly and monthly reports that allow you to see exactly how your Accounts Receivable is being managed. You are able to see very clearly how long it is taking for claims to be paid and how much money is being collected.

We use Medisoft Patient Accounting software, the nation’s #1 billing software. Whenever possible claims are sent electronically, this dramatically decreases the turnaround time. We also send patient statements electronically, which produces a professional looking statement and results in higher patient collections.

For offices that are already using Medisoft there are several ways in which you can have current data in your office. We can provide a weekly back along with your reports; and for offices that have a DSL connection we can dial in and work directly on your system, meaning that you always have the most current billing information available to you.

Let MCM Service billing department help save you time and money:

  • We can help your staff get caught up, provide help when an employee is out sick or on vacation or, we can do all of your billing.
  • Our Medicare reimbursement averages 14 days.
  • Our Commercial turnaround is 14 – 30 days depending on the payer.
  • Full service billing includes keypunch, claim submission, payment posting, and follow up.
  • No add on costs for postage or forms
  • Reports given weekly and monthly


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